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Scar Revision treatments at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

Reduce the appearance and texture of surgical and injury scars, without surgery.

Scars form as part of the normal healing process after the skin has been cut or injured. Not all scars require treatment and many fade over time. If your scar is bothering you, nonsurgical treatments are available to dramatically reduce the texture and appearance of your scar.

Scars can be raised, depressed or keloid and a different color than the skin around it.
With specialized lasers and RF micro needling techniques, all types of scars can be treated without surgery. For keloids, topical remedies may be used in conjunction.

In this office, we utilize an advanced RF micro needling system for our most effective scar remediation treatment to date.

Scar Revision Therapy

A scar is an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after an injury. In general, the goal of scar remediation is to use heat to destroy the fibrous tissue and simultaneously stimulate new collagen production.

A new method for treating scars uses radio frequency micro needling to precisely deliver heat energy to the deeper layers of the dermis to activate special cells called fibroblasts, responsible for collagen remodelling and neocollagenesis.

For depressed or atrophic scars, heat-energy stimulates collagen in the dermis causing the depression to be replaced by new, healthy tissue. Depending on the depression, more than one treatment is required.

For raised or hypertrophic scars, the heat-energy is destroying the fibrous tissue and flattening it. Heat from the treatment stimulates healthy collagen to replace the scar.

Keloids scars are raised, and the raised tissue must first be destroyed. As such, more treatments can be expected with keloids.

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is effective for targeting redness or darker discolorations on some scars.


Raised scars (keloid or hypertrophic) can be reduced or flattened by injecting medication directly into the scar. Corticosteroids injections are performed by a Nurse Practitioner to make it smaller or flatter.

Sylfirm X Scar Revision Therapy

The latest innovation in scar revision comes from Sylfirm X which is an elite RF micro needling device.

Scar revision treatment with Sylfirm X uses tiny micro needles and heat energy to achieve these goals of tissue destruction and regeneration but with more control and precision than we have enjoyed in the past. Since this uses radio frequency energy, treatments are much different than lasers we used in the past in terms of patient experience.

This method is an advancement over past laser treatments because we are now able to deliver more therapy to the dermal layer with minimal disruption to the external layers for a superior clinical outcome and less downtime.

Each Sylfirm X scar revision treatment offers significant improvement in texture and color of the scar and multiple sessions may be required depending on the scar and degree of improvement sought.

How Much Does Scar Revision Therapy Cost?

Scars are unique and Scar Revision treatments are customized for each individual.

Treatments start at $300 per session for the smallest scars.

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