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Rosacea treatments at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by diffused redness, textural issues, irritated skin and pimples. Men and women are both affected equally but Rosacea tends to affect the lighter skin types. Historically, Rosacea is managed by Intense Pulsed Light to target the vessels and this is an effective solution. A new method, however, now exists which treats the vascular source of Rosacea with minimal surface disruption which means minimal downtime, less photo-sensitivity and the added benefit of skin rejuvenation.


Topical Skin Care

Clinically proven medical-grade skin care products from ZO® Skin Health are used to reduce redness and inflammation from the condition.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

By targeting the redness directly, IPL treatments improve Rosacea by collapsing the superficial vessels. Treatments are fast and performed without topical numbing cream. Typically, a series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are needed for optimal results. Additional redness for up to 24 hours is normal following treatment.

Radio Frequency Micro Needling Treatments

Since Rosacea is characterized by the abnormal functioning of blood vessels, the optimal treatment involves targeting the dermal layer where these vessels originate. By treating the abnormal vessels only, normal skin function can be resumed. The Sylfirm X™ RF micro needling system treats Rosacea with tiny electrodes which penetrate the skin to deliver energy to the dermis where these vessels are located. A powerful electromagnetic field of energy is formed which targets and treats the just the abnormal vessels.

Treatments are fast and performed with topical numbing cream. Since there is very little energy applied to the epidermis, patients will find this treatment much more comfortable than IPL and the recovery time is minimal. Generally, redness persists for several hours only.

The real benefit of this treatment is that not just the vessels are being targeted. Skin rejuvenation occurs from the thermocoagulation by the RF energy which stimulates type-III collagen and resurfaces the skin for smooth, even skin texture and minimized pore-size.

  • Reduced redness.
  • Improved texture.
  • Reduced pore-size.

Penetration of multi-micro electrodes

Formation of electromagnetic field

Selectively reacts to abnormal vessels and strengthens basement membrane


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