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Laser Genesis® Skin Rejuvenation at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

Gentle laser skin rejuvenation for improved texture, glow and complexion.

Laser Genesis® Skin Rejuvenation is a gentle laser treatment for improving overall skin complexion.

Laser Genesis® targets improvements in your skin’s most superficial layers and improves fine lines, skin texture, redness and pore-size by warming the skin to stimulate collagen for an overall glowing skin complexion.

This is an exceptional no-downtime laser treatment option for those who do not or can not have any downtime. A series 3 or more Laser Genesis spaced 1-2 weeks apart is recommended for desired results.




6 treatments

3 treatments

3 treatments

How much does Laser Genesis® cost?

Laser Genesis® is $360 for a full face treatment.

Series of 3 $1080

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Genesis® is a breakthrough skincare treatment that utilizes laser technology to target the facial capillaries underneath the surface of the epidermis in order to reduce problematic issues with the skin including visible scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, coarse skin textures, dilated pores, and blemished skin. The treatment is a non-invasive process that uses a laser to target specific troublesome areas on the exterior of the skin. The laser oscillates approximately one-half of an inch from the skin surface and generates repetitive pulses of energy that transfer heat through the surface layer of the epidermis that produces effective solutions for problematic skin issues after a series of treatments.
With the use of heat and energy transferring lasers, an inquiring patient might be curious as to whether the Laser Genesis® process is highly uncomfortable or not, and we’re proud to say that the treatment is completely non-invasive and convenient. As a matter of fact, the majority of recipients of the treatment find the process to be therapeutic and calming as a gentle, warming sensation is all that can be felt.
Side effects of the Laser Genesis® treatment are minimal.
Luckily, there is no downtime following this non-invasive skincare treatment, which allows recipients to go on about their lives with no recovery time following the process.
Now that you know the Laser Genesis® treatment process has the ability to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, reduce the appearance of scars, eliminate redness, and reduce the size of pores, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free consultation at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary to learn more about the Laser Genesis® treatment.

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