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Eyebags Treatment at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

A safe, effective and non-invasive solution for improving under-eye bags.


Bags under the eyes can make you look tired or stressed and is a common cosmetic concern. Surgical options exist to improve eye bags but, for many, this is not an option for various reasons (cost, downtime, aversion to surgery). Fortunately, a new treatment exists which is affordable, effective, has little downtime, and most importantly, SAFE.

RF Micro Needling treatments with the Sylfirm X system treat the eye bag safely using a NON-LASER energy to target and liquify the fat pad and, at the same time, tighten the skin around the eyes though collagen stimulation.


Sylfirm X is an elite RF Micro Needling system that allows us to safely treat the entire periocular region (area around the eyes), including the upper and lower lids and under the eyes. The treatment is done using energized micro needles that deliver heat to stimulate the repair. The procedure is extremely safe because we are able to set the depth of the needles very shallow and the energy is actually formed at the tip of the needle inside the skin. There is no need for protective eye wear.

Treatments are fast and any discomfort is brief. After treatment, the area may be swollen for 1-2 days and eyelids can feel slightly heavy as well. The eye bags treatment is typically an add-on to a full-face skin rejuvenation procedure but can be done by itself, although more costly.

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