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Non-Surgical ED treatments at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

Restore your confidence in the bedroom with Shockwave Therapy and BTL Emsella.


Non-surgical treatments for Erectile Dysfunction at Westside Laser & Light contribute to stronger erections, prolonged ejaculation and improvement in urinary incontinence.

Shockwave therapy with uses sound waves to break up micro plaque which can inhibit blood flow to the penis and stimulates the production of new blood vessels. The BTL Emsella™ chair uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Together, this combination represents an effective and non-surgical solution for erectile dysfunction.

Discover how Shockwave therapy and the Emsella chair can help with erectile dysfunction.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

One of the key reasons that most men experience a decline in performance is something called micro plaque in the blood vessels. Lifestyle, diet and lack of excercise can contribute to this build up of micro plaque at a very young age and can accumulate over time. Over the years, this can restrict circulation in the area where we are looking for blood flow to get an erection.

Shockwaves are sound waves administered to the penis and surrounding tissue that breaks up the micro plaque and stimulates new blood vessel growth or angiogenesis.

In-clinic shockwave therapy sessions are performed twice per week and take 10-15 minutes. 8 sessions are recommended initially. Shockwave sessions are typically performed on the same day with Emsella.

How Does the BTL Emsella Chair Work?

The Emsella Chair is a breakthrough technology for improving male incontinence and erectile dysfunction. The treatment uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor resulting in improved bladder and muscle control. This is ideal for men who are experiencing difficulties getting an erection or struggling with premature ejaculation.

Kegels have been shown to improve ED and the Emsella Chair delivers the equivalent of 11,800 Kegel-like contractions to the pelvic floor muscle and engages both the voluntary and involuntary muscles — and far more than you can do on your own.

An Emsella session is 28 minutes and typically 2 times per week. Patients will sit on the Emsella chair, fully clothed, while the HIFEM energy is focussed on the pelvic floor muscle causing those muscle contractions.

Shockwave Therapy and Emsella Together

Most men will benefit from combining Emsella and Shockwave treatments. The Emsella chair is 28 minute sessions, twice per week. Shockwave treatments are about 15 minutes, twice per week. Most patients schedule their Emsella sessions with their Shockwave for convenience and it is fine to do so.

How Much Do Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Cost?

Emsella $1,200 for 8 sessions.
Shockwave Therapy $2,000 for 8 sessions.
Emsella and Shockwave together is $2,850 for 8 sessions.

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