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The Emsella chair is a treatment for improving urinary incontinence through pelvic floor muscle stimulation. The treatment uses electro-magnetic energy to cause strong kegel contractions which strengthen and lift the pelvic floor muscles for fast and effective relief. Emsella is a world-wide phenomenon and provides life-changing benefits to women and men.

EM is for Electro Magnetic

Sella is Latin for “chair”


What is Emsella ?

The Emsella Chair a.k.a. “The Kegel Throne” uses the same powerful electromagnetic technology as the EMS treatment for building real muscle and strength quickly. With the Emsella chair, you get 11,800 “Super-Kegels” in a single 28 minute session.

Watch the video animation (below) to see how Emsella works. Simply sit on the chair, fully clothed, for 28 minutes and receive 11,800 powerful contractions in the pelvic floor.

Emsella offers life-changing benefits for both Women and Men.

Emsella is for Men and for Women

Strengthening the pelvic floor with Emsella produces fast results and relief for bladder control issues in both men and women (natural aging as well as post-prostate surgery, post-pregnancy). Emsella is also a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) for men and enhanced sexual wellbeing for women provided by the pelvic floor stimulation and increased circulation and blood flow.

An Emsella treatment series is 2 sessions per week for 3 week (6 sessions total). Additional maintenance treatments may be required or desired after several months.


Emsella $1200 for 8 sessions
Core-to-Floor: Combines Emsella and EMS abdomen
Core-to-Floor 6 Emsella + 4 EMS $1800
Core-to-Floor 6 Emsella + 6 EMS $2200

Emsella is NOT SUITABLE for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Those with electrical or metal implants in the treatment area (including copper IUD) may not have Emsella.

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