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Acne Scar Revision at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

Improve acne scars for life-changing results.

The appearance, feel and texture of acne scars can be improved dramatically with specialized, heat-based treatments to denature scar tissue and stimulate collagen. Acne scarring can take many forms with color and texture. A single treatment can make a huge difference and often more than one session is needed to reach your desired outcome.

Types of Acne Scars

  • Rolling Scars – broad depressions with a sloping edge
  • Boxcar Scars – broad depressions with sharply defined edges
  • Icepick Scars – these are deep, narrow, pitted scars
  • Hypertrophic or keloid scars – enlarged, raised scars

Sylfirm X Acne Scar Treatment

The Sylfirm X is a next generation RF micro needling system and this modality is ideal for treating acne scars. Treatment is highly customizable. Heat energy forms inside the scar at the ends of tiny gold electrodes. Fibrous scar tissue is destroyed and simultaneously, new, healthy tissue is formed. Overall skin rejuvenation is an additional positive outcome from this treatment. Scar revision treatments are customized to address your scar’s unique attributes.

There is moderate downtime with this treatment. Redness and swelling can persist for 2-5 days depending on the skin type. Safe for all skin types.

Compared to laser, RF micro needling offers an improved patient experience.
Micro needles spare the epidermis unnecessary treatment and deliver therapeutic heat-energy deeper in the dermis where collagen is produced.
More therapy where you need it and none where you don’t.

Sylfirm X acne scar treatments are about 30-45 minutes and topical numbing cream is applied up to one hour prior.
Noticeable results with each session, a series of treatments may be required depending on degree and improvement sought.

How Much Does Sylfirm X Acne Scar Revision Treatment Cost?

Sylfirm X acne scar revision treatments start at $825 per session for partial face and $1200 for full face treatment.

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