Scar Revision Treatment

Customized Skin Treatment Plans

Scar revision is possible for almost every type of scar including trauma, surgical scars, acne scars and burns. We seek improvements in color, texture, feeling of the scar.

Westside Laser & Light uses a combination of laser and energy-based devices as well as topical or injectable medications to improve the look and feel of the scar. The appearance of the scar can be raised or depressed and it can also be discolored.

Scar revision seeks degrees of improvement and each situation is assessed individually during a free consultation.

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Fraxel Restore Dual is our laser of choice for most scars that we see here. Treatment involves tiny, fractional micro-beams of laser light which penetrate deeper into the dermis to the depth of the scar damage. The controlled heat from the laser promotes new skin tissue to replace the damaged tissue.

There usually about 3-4 days of social downtime associated with this treatment but the results are worth it. Often a series of treatments are performed about 4 weeks apart for optimal results.

For those patients who cannot accept any form of downtime, the Cutera Laser Genesis system is a non-invasive treatment that allows us to improve the appearance of scars without any downtime or recovery. The procedures are comfortable and work to remodel the collagen around the scar(s).

The light generated from the lasers targets the cells in the scar tissue. When the cell absorbs energy, it is stimulated to become active and productive. What happens is these fibroblast cells absorb the light energy and repair defects in the skin by producing collagen and remodeling to fit the body where the scar was formed. Within about a week the scar tissue will start having a noticeable improvement with final results taking place within 1 to 2 months.

In some cases we will use the Pearl and Pearl Fractional lasers, however they are ablative procedures and while they do produce the desired effect more quickly they do have several days of recovery associated with them.

Certain types of scars benefit from an non-fractional, ablative laser such as Pearl. More involved scarring may also be optimally treated with a combination of Pearl and Pearl Fractional.

If your face or body scar is bothering you, we suggest a free consultation to discuss treatment options available to you. Every scar is different and most can be improved to some degree.

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