Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus at Westside Laser & Light in SW Calgary

LASER can be a powerful addition to your physician’s medical treatment for NAIL FUNGUS

Laser nail treatment can be an effective part of a multi-pronged treatment plan to eliminate the stubborn condition of nail fungus.
Nail fungus can be frustrating for patients who have tried unsuccessfully to help their condition.
“Pills are toxic and the creams don’t work”
Laser treatment can help support your existing treatment plan for fungus provided to you from your family doctor. Laser treatments are about 30 minutes and can be done 4-6 weeks apart. A minimum of 3 laser treatments is recommended and more treatments may be needed.

How Much Does Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Cost?

Genesis® Nails Laser is $225 and we treat all ten toes*.

Single or Follow-Up $225
Package of 3 $600
Package of 5 $950
*Treatment for 1-2 toes $175

Westside Laser & Light offers laser treatment on toe nails and finger nails to support your existing treatment provided from your family doctor. Westside Laser & Light does not offer any diagnosis or prescription medications/orders for nail fungus. Laser treatment is considered an off-label use of an approved dermatology laser.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the treatment and if Laser Treatment is right for you.


    Because nail fungus is in your present in your environment, you can protect your investment in laser treatment by doing what you can to avoid reinfection.  

    Laser treatment is performed every 6 weeks and here are some good tips for what to do at home to help make sure that you aren’t reinfecting your toes after a successful laser treatment.

    It is recommended clean your shower, avoid walking barefoot in public places where there is water on the tiles such as swimming pools and showers at the gym. Most importantly, the fungus in your footwear must be addressed.
    Below, we discuss some key tips what to do at home between laser treatments as well as a cost-effective option for sanitizing your shoes instead of throwing them out.

    Post Treatment Care

    We recommend that you bring clean socks to wear after your laser treatment.
    During the course of your laser treatment, continue to disinfect your shoes after each use with SteriShoe.
    After you shower, dry your feet and toes thoroughly.  Keep nails trimmed.
    Alternate your shoes daily: do not wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. This allows for the moisture in your shoes to dry out (your feet sweat an average of 16 oz per day!!).
    Your family physician will advise you on any medications you should be taking.

    Getting your feet to breath, allowing them to be in more open air. There is nothing better for your feet post laser treatment than a sunny day at the beach barefoot. The sand, sun air and saltwater all work to keep your feet fungus free.
    After your initial round of 3 laser treatments here at the clinic, return to your family doctor for reassessment of your condition and whether or not laser treatment should be continued.
    Allow 4-6 weeks between sessions.

    Protect Your Investment in Laser Treatment with the SteriShoe® UV Shoe Sanitizer

    It’s not pretty, but your shoes contain the same fungus that is in your toe nails. It makes sense, right? That’s why we recommend the SteriShoe as a practical and effective alternative to throwing out your shoes. Only the SteriShoe sanitizer is clinically proven to kill up to 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses in shoes. Unlike chemical sprays and powders that only mask odors (and with the leading product label that tells you not too spray on clothing or skin), only SteriShoe is clinically proven to disinfect shoes with ultraviolet (UVC) light. UV light is so effective it’s used to sanitize hospital operating rooms. SteriShoe is so effective it’s earned the American Podiatric Medicine Association Seal of Approval. SteriShoe protects your investment in laser treatment and is less expensive than throwing away your contaminated shoes. SteriShoe treats the potential source of the problem by disinfecting your shoes with the SteriShoe sanitizer.

    SteriShoe is $250.