Medical Cosmetics often focuses on the corrective aspects of procedures and products whilst neglecting the cumulative benefits of consistent treatment. With our new Lunchtime Laser program, we hope to encourage our clients to consider the long-term benefits of laser, and not just the immediate WOW factor.


Every laser and light based therapy we use has a specific application:


We can diminish redness in the skin as well as reducing and removing brown spots; leaving clients with a peaches-and-cream complexion that is a sure sign of youthfulness.


We can stimulate collagen production deep into the dermis; plumping skin, reducing fine lines, evening out textural irregularities, and even tightening pores.


We can gently remove a portion of the old epidermis, revealing the fresh youthful skin below.


But beyond treating the “symptoms” of aging, are you aware of the long-term benefits of getting laser and light based therapies?


Science is starting to confirm what we have been observing anecdotally for years now: Laser and Light based therapies may alter gene expression in the skin. What does that mean? It means that getting regular laser and light treatments not only address the signs of aging, but also could be responsible for your skin expressing or “acting” like younger skin. A turning back of the clock, so to speak.


This is something that we have suspected for a while in the industry. People who consistently get laser and light based therapies have amazingly youthful looking skin that goes beyond looking “good for their age”.


Lunchtime Laser treatments -which are an array of quick, comfortable, no-downtime treatments- will not only combat the various signs of aging like: wrinkling, volume loss, textural issu, dull and dry skin, diffused redness, brown/age spots, macro-pores etc. but can also turns back your skin’s clock.


These new studies on gene expression have us excited to launch our new Lunchtime Laser offer that includes new lower pricing on all laser and light treatments. We also have our limited time Laser Credits Program: Spend over

$1000 and receive 10% LASER CREDITS; $2000 and receive 15% LASER CREDITS; $3000 and receive 20% LASER CREDITS; $4000 and receive 25% LASER CREDITS


We look forward to taking this journey back in time with you!