Laser Vein Treatment

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Nd:YAG-Before-and-After-Leg-Veins2Spider veins are a circulatory condition that arises when a mass of capillaries develops close to the surface in a specified area. Vericose veins are deeper under the skin and require a different procedure. These veins develop when a vein becomes permanently dilated, most commonly in the legs, these can become enlarged and as a result show up more easily than other veins and can detract from your skin’s overall appearance.

Westside Laser & Light uses the Cutera Coolglide Excel vascular laser for varicose and spider veins. This award-winning laser specializes in vein treatments and is unparalleled in safety and efficacy for treat both facial and leg veins. Using our technologically advanced procedures we can diminish both spider and varicose veins by using a highly concentrated beam of light. This treatment is much to be preferred over other vein treatments because it is minimally invasive, practically pain free and requires no general anesthesia.

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