Tattoos once thought to be a permanent mark on your skin can now be removed with a series of laser treatments. If you are unhappy with the tattooed part of your body, laser tattoo removal treatment allows you to get back to your original state.

Today’s laser technologies can safely remove all colors or ink with minimal risk of complications.

Our office uses the renowned Q-Switch laser technology called RevLite si.

Treatments are performed under medical supervision by certified laser technicians in our award-winning clinic in SW Calgary. We are located in the Aspen / Springbank area in the Springborough Professional Building. Free parking and C-Train access.

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Laser Tattoo Removal at Westside Laser & Light uses Nano + Pico for the Fewest Treatments.SIZING YOUR TATTOO / ESTIMATING TREATMENT COST

Price per Treatment

Is based on the size and amount of ink coverage.
Multiple tattoos treated at one time will be more economical.

  • Size 1: Up to a toonie $200
  • Size 2: Up to a business card $250
  • Size 3: Up to a smart-phone $350
  • Size 4: Up to span of one hand $450
  • Size 5: Span of 2 hands $550
  • Size 6: Largest area $650+


The total number of treatments required depends on a number of factors including:

  • color(s), amount, depth and type of ink(s)
  • location on body
  • physical attributes of the individual

During a free consultation, we can provide an estimate for how many treatments would be expected. The types of inks used by the tattoo artist can greatly affect the number of treatments needed. If fading is desired to cover up with a new tattoo, we work with you in conjunction with your artist to incorporate the new design and we can tailor the treatments accordingly.

Laser treatment is performed usually every 8 weeks. Avoid sun exposure before and after treatment. Restrictions on certain activities including exercise, swimming/hot tubs after treatment.

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Laser Tattoo Removal at Westside Laser & Light uses Nano + Pico for the Fewest Treatments.