Restore Your Skin’s Natural Radiance With FRAXEL: Restore Dual

Fraxel helps reduce the signs of aging and acne scarring with a unique fractional laser treatment.

Fraxel-Logo--Color-HiRes-Fraxel® Restore Dual helps to remove years from your appearance and can give you a renewed sense of confidence in the way you look and feel. It is fast, safe and effective on and off the face, repairing years of skin damage in just weeks.

Your skin contains two proteins, collagen and elastin which keeps your skin youthful and tight. As you age these proteins breakdown faster than your body can rebuild them. Over time, as your skin is exposed to sun, air pollution, stress and lifestyle factors, your skin texture, colour, and tightness can be affected showing damage, such as wrinkles and sun spots.

Fraxel Restore Dual uses patented laser technology to precisely deliver microscopic laser columns to the skin layers where aging and sun damaged tissue resides. By treating only a fraction of skin at a time, this leaves the surrounding skin untouched. Your body’s own natural healing process is stimulated generating collagen and replacing the old and damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin and because each microscopic laser column is surrounded by healthy tissue, your skin will heal very quickly.

Fraxel Restore Dual is suitable for all skin types and can treat a multitude of skin conditions such as: uneven skin tone, discoloration, age and sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, acne scars and surgical scars, the mask of pregnancy and pre-cancerous lesions.

Fraxel is our go-to laser for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and acne scar repair.