at Westside Laser & Light.

100% WORTH IT.

FACE CLUB is our Membership Program for women and men who want to take advantage of Westside Laser & Light’s most sought after services at Member Pricing.

Advancements in non-invasive medical aesthetics treatments allow for some pretty incredible results with lasers, skin care and cosmetic injectables.
Performed alone, each provide a unique benefit. If we can layer these treatments with more than one modality, we often experience a synergistic effect where 1+1=3.
Join FACE CLUB today.

With FACE CLUB you will receive Member Pricing for Botox, dermal fillers and other cosmetic injections, and laser & light treatments.

Our PRP treatment stands apart in FACE CLUB at the exceptionally low price of $475 per treatment. 

Enjoy exclusive Members-Only offers and benefits.

* PRP $475 with our PRP specialist, Leslie Poirier, NP.
PRP $600 with Frances Krawiec, NP.


Who is a candidate for FACE CLUB?

FACE CLUB is for male and female customers who use our services regularly and want great pricing everyday. Generally speaking, if you spend $2000 per year, FACE CLUB membership makes sense.

Which laser & light treatments are in FACE CLUB?

FACE CLUB includes all of our “energy devices” for treatment on the face. This includes Lasers for skin rejuvenation (Laser Genesis, Nano Genesis) and laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light), Resurfacing Lasers (Fraxel and Pearl), Thermage skin tightening, and Exilis Ultra skin tightening.

Is it worth it to join FACE CLUB if I only want laser?

YES. Saving 25% on many of our packages will more than pay for the membership fee.

Can I purchase a new package before my membership ends and use the treatments after my membership expires?

YES. Members can purchase treatments and use them after their membership has lapsed. The only issue is the expiry date for treatments (please view policies for expiration).

Why is PRP such a great price?

Quite simply, this was a strategic choice when designing the FACE CLUB program.

Since PRP can enhance or boost the results of virtually everything we are doing with lasers and injectables, we wanted to make PRP very accessible for our FACE CLUB members. You look good, we look good.

Can I use PRP for restoring thinning hair with FACE CLUB?

Yes. Our special PRP price applies to PRP for the hair and scalp.