EMSCULPT® regular price is $3,000 for a series of 4 sessions or $750 per session.
Vanqusish ME™ regular price is $2,500 for a series of 4 sessions or $625 per session.
Exilis™ Ultra starts at $300 per session and can be performed on most areas of the body.
EM Club Members enjoy preferred pricing and access to exclusive Member’s-only offers below.

EM Club Members can combine EMSCULPT®, Vanquish™ ME, Exilis™ Ultra and Cellutone™ in EM Club for a custom solution and package savings.

EM Core Values Series

Strengthen your core and melt away excess fat around the midsection with EMSCULPT and Vanquish ME.

EM Core +
Vanquish ME™ Front

A series of 4 EMSCULPT® abs sessions to strengthen abdominal muscles and 4 Vanquish ME sessions to melt 2″ of fat from the midsection.
Regular Price: $5,500

$3,500 EM Club


Strengthen, lift and shape your butt with EMSCULPT® and Exilis Ultra™ for a syngergistic and full effect.

EMSCULPT® Glutes + Exilis Ultra™ Butt Lift

EMSCULPT® your glutes for strength and shape. Exilis Ultra™ butt-lift for the fleshy parts. A series of 4 sessions each.
Regular Price: $5,200

$3,300 EM Club

EM Biceps and Triceps

Develop and strengthen your arm muscles.

EMSCULPT® Biceps + Triceps

EMSCULPT® bicep and tricep sessions are done in the same session.
20 minutes each, 40 minutes total.

Regular Price: $3,000

$2,000 EM Club

EM Legs Trio

Build strong legs and glutes with a series of 4 each of EMSCULPT® Quads, Hams and Glutes.
Receive 3 Bonus EM Cycles for an additional $1500 savings when purchased together.

EM Quads + EM Hams + EM Glutes

A series of 4 sessions each over 2 weeks.
Use the Bonus EM Cycles as maintenance or add to your series.
Regular Price: over $10k

$6,000 EM Club


Tone and tighten calf muscles

EM Calf Routine

EMSCULPT your calves for strength and tone.
Regular Price: $3,000

$2,000 EM Club