Advanced Cosmetic Injections in SW Calgary

Cosmetic Injections at Westside Laser & Light in Calgary Promote Natural Results for an Improved Image

The key to a refreshed and youthful appearance is to keep your look natural. As we age, we begin to lose our ability to produce new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. At the same time, we experience a loss of facial and lip volume. Our skilled and qualified cosmetic nurse practitioners will assess your individual needs and select the right cosmetic injectables treatment for you. Our highly qualified nurse injectors are among the best in Calgary for Botox and Dermal Fillers and we excel at exceptional client care.
Schedule a free consultation with Frances Krawiec for Cosmetic Injections and find out what a few units of Botox, a “mini lip” injection, or even a complete “Liquid Facelift” can do for you. There is a reason Cosmetic Injections are so popular – they are the quickest way to take years off of your appearance, and they add miles of confidence. Frances has received advanced training, has an impeccable bedside manner, and a great eye for these detailed procedures – there’s a reason she’s considered one of the best Cosmetic Injectors in Calgary! Treatments can be completely customized and there are options that are friendly to all budgets.

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We get it…it’s your FACE. 

“Frances is a wizard. I would highly recommend. If you want to look fresh, youthful, less tired, but still like yourself, you must see Frances. It will only take one conversation with her and you’ll know what I know. Frances takes a conservative approach and has an excellent eye for enhancing your natural beauty without changing your looks. Her skill is unprecedented, but what is especially important to me is how much I feel I can trust her. She offers advice and options based on your goals, gives you realistic expectations for what can be achieved and is clear about the risks vs. benefits of everything she proposes. Frances is the real deal, and when you combine that with the excellent customer service at Westside Laser & Light, I can’t imagine a better experience.” – C.V.


“If you’re hesitant about fillers, botox or any of the treatments/skincare available because you still want to look like you, the best person to see is Frances K! There is no one better to give you more youthful skin or a slightly perkier, less tired visage without any fear of walking out looking like Meg Ryan or Melanie Griffith. All of the staff at Westside are lovely, but Frances is an A+++” – M.F.


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