BTL CELLUTONE™ achieves the best results in  non-invasive cellulite reduction and improvement of patient’s skin textures.

It can be frustrating when you eat right and excercise but still have cellulite.

No one wants to see dimpled, uneven skin on your thighs and other parts of their body. Cellulite can affect most women and many women believe cellulite to be a fat issue that can be eliminated through rigorous exercise and dieting. While you can reduce the appearance of cellulite by losing weight, you cannot eliminate it completely.

Patients report no to minimal discomfort with BTL Cellutone procedures.

BTL Cellutone procedures require no anesthesia as there is absolutely no downtime; patients return to their daily activities immediately.

Most patients begin to see visible improvements after the first treatment.

Used as a stand alone procedure for cellulite and to complement a body contouring procedure such as Vanquish ME or Exilis Ultra, all patients notice enhanced results.

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