What is EMSCULPT® and The Em Club?

Imagine doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 minutes – that is EMSCULPT®.

The EMSCULPT® induces HIFEM energy (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnestism) that causes your muscles to do the impossible: supramaximal contractions. When exposed to supramaximal contractions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt to the new conditions imposed on it. The response is a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning. In other words, EMSCULPT® is the world’s first and only device that literally works out for you.

When EMSCULPT® is doing its magic on your muscles, you can literally feel your muscles contracting and releasing as if you are doing sit ups. Your 30-minute cycle consists of several minutes of muscle contractions, followed by what feels like light “tapping” on those same muscles – this tapping part of the cycle relieves the lactic acid build up, reducing muscle soreness after the treatment. This cycle of muscle contractions and tapping sensation repeats several times within your 30-minute treatment.

After each treatment, your muscles will feel a bit sore – like how they would feel after a workout at the gym or perhaps a little less, depending on how hard you typically work out. You will start to feel stronger even after the first session, but it takes 4 sessions to see maximum results.

To help you get the most out of EMSCULPT®, we created The EM Club, which was specifically designed for men and women who wish to maintain their gym and workout efforts over time.

With the help of the entire suite of BODY BY BTL services, patients will experience a significant growth of their muscles and a reduction in fat. At Westside Laser & Light, we recommend joining The EM Club after you have completed an EMSCULPT® treatment series. For those wanting additional body sculpting services in Calgary and to continue EMSCULPT® for maintenance treatments, The EM Club will give you access to the full complement of BODY BY BTL treatments for a simple, reduced price.

Don’t Sweat at the Gym – Get Results Now with EMSCULPT®

EMSCULPT® improves core-strength, strengthens and builds quads and hamstrings and shapes or lifts the buttocks. EMSCULPT® is an extremely safe and non-invasive treatment with 96% patient satisfaction. Four sessions over two weeks are recommended for best results.

EMSCULPT® produces both hypertrophy, an increase in the volume of muscle, and hyperplasia, an increase in the number of muscle fibers. On the surface, these changes appear as toned, sculpted abs and buttocks. Below the surface, muscle is being remodelled, making you stronger without stepping into a gym.

You begin to feel tangible results right after the first treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

An EMSCULPT® series begins with four treatments, spaced a few days apart. If you maintain a healthy weight, your fat reduction from EMSCULPT® will be permanent. If you continue to exercise, the muscle development you receive from EMSCULPT® can last six months to a year. A touch-up treatment for maintenance is recommended every six months to a year.

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FACE CLUB is our Membership Program for women and men who want to take advantage of Westside Laser & Light’s most sought after services at Member Pricing.

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The membership fee is a one-time purchase. Membership will only expire if unused for 12 consecutive months. 

Body Sculpting with
The EM Club at Westside Laser & Light

FACE CLUB is our Membership Program for women and men who want to take advantage of Westside Laser & Light’s most sought after services at Member Pricing.

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