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Westside Laser & Light’s Feature in Alberta Cosmetic Service & Day Spa Magazine

Westside Laser & Light is proud to be featured in the most recent issue of Alberta Cosmetic Service & Day Spa Magazine. The article focuses on our Mommy Makeover services and dives deep into what new clients can expect from this package, including services, results, and the overall experience when visiting our modern beauty clinic. We’re thrilled to receive this recognition, which signifies our commitment to providing every client with cutting-edge aesthetic treatments that honour beauty and individuality.

Helping Moms Regain Their Confidence

Every woman’s journey towards reclaiming their body and confidence after pregnancy is unique. That’s why our mommy makeover isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s a customizable package designed to address various concerns women often experience after children.

The foundation of the mommy makeover package includes:

  • Emsella: This treatment uses electromagnetic technology to provide a non-invasive solution for pelvic floor strengthening, offering a breakthrough option for women seeking improvement in urinary incontinence and sexual health.
  • Emsculpt: Emsculpt works to build muscle and sculpt the body without the need for surgery or extensive downtime.
  • Vanquish ME: This contactless and non-invasive fat-reduction treatment targets the abdomen and thigh for improved body contours.

In addition to these treatments, our mommy makeover packages can be further customized to address additional target areas, including hair removal, c-section scars, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation. Our goal is to tailor every package to meet the unique needs of the moms we work with.

Going Beyond the Surface

At Westside Laser & Light, we offer more than surface-level treatments and are committed to increasing our clients’ confidence. We leverage the latest advancements in medical aesthetics to offer solutions that are safe, effective, and tailored to individual needs. Our team of experienced aestheticians is dedicated to providing a supportive, confidential, and empowering environment, ensuring that every visit to our modern beauty clinic is a step toward achieving your beauty goals.

Whether you want to address specific post-pregnancy concerns or you’re hoping to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, our mommy makeover services are designed to support you on your journey towards feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Thank you to our community and Alberta Cosmetic Service & Day Spa Magazine for recognizing our work and efforts to redefine beauty standards with innovative solutions. At Westside Laser & Light, we’re more than just a beauty spa; we’re a partner in your aesthetic journey that’s committed to celebrating every woman’s beauty and strength.

Discover the modern beauty clinic experience with Westside Laser & Light’s mommy makeover service. Contact us today to learn more.

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