Your Skin is OUR PASSION.

Westside Laser & Light is leading the Medical Cosmetic Industry in Calgary by providing an approach to true beauty and age management built on the philosophy of holistic treatment.
We offer medical dermatological services, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and enhancements to ensure long term results that are more than just skin deep. As such, educating our clients on preventative options in general and ageing well specifically, informs every aspect of Westside Laser & Light.
Creating the blueprint for true beauty, Westside is led by a team of medically accredited staff and therapists who can advise for every stage of your life.
Consultations are free and we can help you identify you areas of concern and tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your needs, no matter what your age or budget.
We believe that you should have the choice to achieve your personal best through the most effective treatments offering beautiful, consistent and natural looking results. That is why we at Westside Laser & Light believe in the benefits of our medical aesthetics clinic.


Medical aesthetics describes a range of cosmetic services for the skin and body that utilize proven, medically based technologies to cause a significant change or enhancement.  This can include Botox® and cosmetic injectables, medical-grade skin care products and the use laser and energy-based technologies.

By working in partnership with you to understand what your needs are, we can create a customized treatment program that will deliver the best possible result for you. From your initial consultation, our experienced practitioners will discuss all aspects of the treatment that you are considering including the benefits, possible risks as well as the costs. We believe that you should be fully informed and acquainted with the recommended treatments that we discuss with you so that you feel completely comfortable with your decision. We believe that those treatment options should only be discussed with fully certified medical practitioners with a wealth of experience in the field. That way you receive the very best advice.
We are confident that with Westside Laser & Light, you will find the aesthetics solution that best fits your needs. Our range of non-surgical, non-invasive treatments and procedures will have the lasting, natural-looking results that you are seeking.

Request a free consultation to learn more about our clinic and the treatments and services we offer.