In recent years, collagen-boosting products have seen a steep increase in popularity. Many of us have probably seen collagen as a featured ingredient in several different beauty products, foods, drinks and other edible products (including coffee beverages, energy bars and other items that have started popping up in your local grocery aisles). Professional facials that include collagen have also risen to an all-time high. But, why collagen? And why is it important?

Here we’ll explain what collagen is, explore its benefits for your skin’s health and describe how collagen facials can help revitalize your face and keep you feeling youthful for years to come.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein and a key element of your dermal tissue. It naturally retains the moisture of your skin and increases its hydration levels, which in turn helps keep your skin’s texture smooth and the appearance of fine lines at bay. Your skin has a natural ability to synthesize collagen, which is how it stays looking taut and healthy during your younger years.

However, as we age, our collagen production levels dwindle and our skin begins to look less plump and smooth, thus increasing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Our continuous exposure to excessive sunlight and pollution, as well as our susceptibility to stress, poor diet and bad habits (such as smoking and drinking alcohol) also contribute towards the depletion of our collagen levels and slow its natural synthesis rate over time. All of these factors result in our skin eventually losing its elasticity and becoming more loose and wrinkled, which increases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

There are several collagen-based products and treatments that have sprung up within the health and beauty market. These have been designed with the intent to boost collagen levels and combat the signs of aging. This means that increasing the levels of collagen in your skin is a great way to stop the aging clock and keep it looking nourished and revitalized.


What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

Recent studies have shown that collagen intake can increase your skin’s moisture levels, which improves its elasticity and thus helps reduce the likelihood of skin irregularities and wrinkles. Collagen also makes up the soft padding in our joints and bones, which means that consuming collagen-based products can help mitigate any pain associated with joint or bone deterioration, improve physical performance and improve our overall well-being.


What Are Collagen Facials?

A collagen facial treatment is designed to help return elasticity to loose or aged skin. During the procedure, the fibres of your skin are penetrated with an ample amount of collagen-supportive ingredients. These will help jump-start your collagen levels, which in turn will help preserve your skin’s elasticity and rejuvenate your natural collagen synthesis process. 

Collagen facial treatments bring life and vitality back to dull, aged skin, successfully reducing the appearance of fine lines and adding years back onto your face.


What our Collagen Facials Can Do For You

For optimal results, our team recommends booking a collagen facial treatment once a month for at least six to eight months. Afterwards, the frequency of treatments can be reduced to once a year. According to professionals, this frequency of treatment helps maximize the effects of rejuvenating your collagen synthesis process. Several of our clients have reported successful results from this procedure.


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