Let’s talk tattoo removal.

Customers seem to be confused with the new PICO and NANO SECOND technologies for laser tattoo removal.

Every laser clinic tells you their laser offers the fewest treatments, but who can you believe?

“Pico second” or “nano second” refers to the length of time in which the laser energy is delivered (a.k.a. pulse duration).

Nano second lasers changed the tattoo removal industry with their incredibly short “pulse duration”, measured in billionths of a second. This amazingly short burst causes the tattoo ink to shatter into smaller bits, and the body can then absorb those smaller bits for disposal through the lymphatic system. Safer and more effective treatments were the result.

Pico second lasers emerged a couple years ago and were thought to advance this idea with an even shorter pulse, measured in trillionths of a second.

The problem is, the pulse duration should match to the size of the ink particles. Basically, using a nano second laser at the beginning of a treatment series will be effective at breaking larger ink particles into smaller ones. Only then should pico second lasers be used to break those down further into smaller particles for more efficient disposal.


The analogy is, “Rocks to Pebbles, Pebbles to Sand”.









Westside Laser & Light has evolved our tattoo removal program to only treat the beginning portion of a tattoo removal series with our nano second laser (the renowned RevLite SI). After a number of treatments (usually 2-3), we then refer you to a dermatologist offering the pico second treatment. We feel this combination considers ink particle size and contributes to faster and safer treatment outcomes and at a reduced cost.

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