Never say Never. For those who said they would never receive cosmetic injections, Sculptra may be just for you.


For many people, choosing a medical cosmetic treatment can be daunting. There are seemingly hundreds of treatment options, performed by thousands of machines, in clinics across the world. How are we to know which treatment is the right choice for the outcome we desire? And moreover, even when we have chosen a treatment, there are a hundred companies that manufacture machines that do the same thing. Sadly, with varying degrees of efficacy and safety, of which consumers aren’t always aware. It can be maddening to find the right option armed with nothing but a Google search bar and a girlfriend’s opinion. What might be right for her is not necessarily right for you. Shopping for a cosmetic treatment is not like buying a car. There are myriad factors that are taken into account when designing an optimal treatment plan for any one person. Looking ones best, whether we are talking about diet and exercise, or medical cosmetics, is an ongoing journey and not a one-time event.


For these reasons client education is a top focus in our clinic. Apart from investing in top-tier equipment and products, we want to provide you with ongoing education on your journey to a more radiant appearance. In is important to consult often with our staff and attend events to stay abreast of the fast developing world of medical cosmetics, to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. New products are released yearly and some really do change the face of cosmetics, not to mention the clients who use them. One such product has recently been released, and it stands out among all the noise and clutter of the industry. It is, simply put: Remarkable.


Sculptra is a long-lasting stimulating injectable treatment that is designed to smooth out and soften lines and wrinkles, restore facial volume, and contour the face in a natural way. It is not dermal filler, and there is absolutely no risk of looking “done” after the treatment. Results appear gradually over months as your body’s own collagen is stimulated. This helps to gradually and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds. By helping to replenish your body’s own facial collagen and restore lost volume, it can give a fuller, more natural look that can last for up to 3-5 years.


Poly-L-lactic acid, the main ingredient of Sculptra has been used successfully in surgical procedures for more than 40 years, among others for bioresorbable sutures, in bone plates and screws, and as a medium for medication.


It can be used for loss of fat and soft tissue in the face, premature ageing of the face, hollow cheeks and temples, nose to mouth folds, deep folds and wrinkles, marionette lines, sagging jowls, wrinkly chest / décolletage, wrinkly hands, deep acne and traumatic scarring.


With its natural, lasting results and excellent safety profile, we believe Sculptra to be the missing link in your pursuit to look your best. In the care of our incredibly talented advanced injector, Michelle Shewchuk, we believe you will become as excited about this new product as we are. Sculptra is not available in many clinics, and we are thrilled to be able to offer it here at Westside Laser & Light.