NEW and Exciting: EMERVEL® and SCUPTRA®

We are pleased to announce some exciting new cosmetic injectables treatments to offer you.

The NEW Emervel® is a softer filler and promotes a longer lasting result up to 18 months!

Sculptra® actually stimulates collagen for a more natural look.

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NEW Functional Nutrition Consultation Services

Your skin is an outward reflection of what is happening inside your body.

Proper diet and nutrition can be a significant factor in ones appearance and skin health.

Westside Laser & Light now offers a new service for Functional Nutrition with Shauna Gourley CHN, FDN.

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Want Great Looking Skin NOW?

Our signature treatment series combines 3 award-winning treatments for fast and dramatic skin rejuvenation. The Pearl Laser and Thermage Treatment are performed close together and will take years off your appearance.

Maintain results with a series of Laser Genesis treatments included with this unbelievable value-package.

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