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ZO Medical & Skin Health products by Dr. Zein Obagi are world-renowned for their exceptional performance and efficacy. Discover what medical-grade skin care can do for your skin. Following a free skin assessment, our skin professionals can help you choose the right products for you to work towards your skin care goals.

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For New Customers Only

The WoWW Treatment was designed to introduce new patients to the Wonderful World of Medical Aesthetics. If you have never experienced what it is we do here, this treatment was designed to give you a window into our world. Following a personal skin consultation with one of our experienced and talented skin care specialists, your treatment begins: Read More>

Nano + Pico Tattoo Removal

Confused about the Nano and Pico second lasers? Laser tattoo removal technology has certainly changed over the recent years and many people with unwanted ink are having trouble understanding which laser is best for their tattoo or skin type. Ideally, both Nano and Pico second lasers should be use for most tattoos. Learn more about our unique process.