Functional Nutrition utilizes cutting-edge testing and functional laboratory ranges to determine dysfunction. Balance is restored with customized nutrition, balanced hormones through natural supplementation and/or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (optional), and lifestyle coaching that addresses psychological barriers, such as limiting belief patterns. Learn More>
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Your skin is OUR PASSION

Westside Laser & Light is leading the Medical Cosmetic Industry in Calgary by providing an approach to true beauty and age management built on the philosophy of holistic treatment. We offer medical dermatological services, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and enhancements, as well as Functional Nutrition services to ensure long term results that are more than just skin deep. As such, educating our clients on preventative options in general and ageing well specifically, informs every aspect of Westside Laser & Light. Learn more >


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If you like what we do here at Westside Laser & Light, tell your friends and each of you will receive a $50 service credit.  Referral Cards are available at the front desk. Simply write your name on the card and when your friend comes in for their first treatment, your account will receive a $50 credit and your friend will save $50 on their first visit. Conditions apply. Learn more about our Referral Program.