lipstick effect

Let Westside be your SMALL LUXURY

In response to Calgary’s current economic climate, Westside Laser & Light has revamped our entire price structure to help make our services more accessible.

Let us be your small luxury.

You may have heard of the “Lip-Stick Effect”.

During economic downturns, lip-stick and nail polish sales increase dramatically. The theory is that when facing tough economic times, consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury

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NEW Functional Nutrition Consultation Services

Your skin is an outward reflection of what is happening inside your body.

Proper diet and nutrition can be a significant factor in ones appearance and skin health.

Westside Laser & Light now offers a new service for Functional Nutrition with Shauna Gourley CHN, FDN.

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Mini Pearl Westside Laser & Light

Introducing, the Mini-Pearl Weekend Facial

Refresh tired and dull looking skin with a new spin on an old favorite.

We turn the settings wayyy down on the Pearl Laser for a light but rejuvenating laser peel. Treatments are fast and can refresh your skin noticeably with just a couple days of peeling and redness.

Regular Pearl treatments are $1500 and the Mini-Pearl Weekend Facial is just $575. Read more.